Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Lost Password

 One day Lily gave Megan here password to here email account. Then Megan dropped the password  for  Lily's email. Theses  mean girls found the password.  Megan  told lily that she lost the password. Lily got mad and yelled at Megan. The mean girls got into Lily's email and changed her pass word .
 The next day Lily clouded git in to her email, she said "someone  found my password and changed it." Lily was upset and mad at the same time. At school the mean girls were laughing at Lily. Lily said " I think i know who changed my password." Lily ran home and told here mom that some one had changed here password. her mom called the cops. The cops got there as fast as they could. Lily told the cops everything that happened. the cops told here that if she had any idea who it was. Lily was thinking, then she said yes. the coops told here who Lily told them the mean girls from school. That same day the cops went to the address Lily gave them. The cops called Lily that the girl didn't want to admit that the did it. Lily said its OK, I'll find a way to get the word out of them. The next day lily found the mean girls and told them, did u change my password. The mean girls just staid  quiet, they said yes we did and were very sorry. Lily just staid quiet.
 Then she said "a well accept your apology". she also said " but you have to go tell the cops that you guys changed my password. They said "OK".
  Two weeks past and the mean girls from school were now friends with Lily and Megan.

                                                                                                                           THE END!
P.S never change a password from a email that is not yours.

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