Monday, October 3, 2011

Bean project

  1. Problem- will the bean grow with sprite?
  2. Background Knowledge-The bean will not grow with sprite only with water.
  3. Hypothesis-The bean will grow at least a half an inch.
  4. Materials-
  • cups 
  • soil
  • graduated cylinder
  • scale 
  • 2 beans 
  • water
  • sprite
CUP # 1                             
  1. Gather materials
  2. Put inch of soil in the cup.  
  3.  Put one seed in the cup about half way
  4. put 5 ml water this cup 

    CUP #2
  1. Get cup
  2. Put  an inch of soil in the cup
  3. put one seed in the cup about  have way
  4. put 5ml of sprite in  the cup
  5. clean up area
  1. Method-above
  2. Experiment-if bean will grow with sprite or water
  3. Collect Data-trued in graph
  4. Conclusion- the water plant grow, the sprite plant didn't
  5. Questions for Extensions- what happens if i put both drinks together

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