Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello Kittys New Puppy! And the mean Man

   One morning Hello Kitty woke up and it was here birthday. She ran down stairs and woke up her mom and dad. Her mom went to the kitchen and made her eggs with bacon. After breakfast her mom gave her a big box. She was taking off the bow and the pink wrapping paper, and heard a baby bark. She was very happy and went to hug her mom and dad. She named the puppy Carly. That morning her mom took her to the pet store to bye food,a collar,a food and water tray, and some clothes. 
    At 12:00 noon she took Carly for a walk around the park. She found her friends and the told her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!. She went and told them thank you and showed them her puppy. One of her friends ask her what is her name.  Hello Kitty replied Carly.  Her friends said that is a nice name. Mare one of her friends said well we have to goo. Bye.
  Suddenly  Carly stared to bark and Hellow  Kitty ask her who are you barking at. Then suddenly she saw a man with a net. Hello Kitty Hello Kitty was think while  she was walking home. Just then she saw a truck come up to her and a man  told  her that is a pretty dog you have there. 
  The next morning she told here mom about the guys  who were following her. Her mom was worried so she told her that she can not go to walk no more. Later on that night she put Carly out side and a hour later Carly was died there was a note say in . THAT IS WHAT YOU GET FOR LEAVENING  THE DOG OUTSIDE ALONE!!!:(


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